About the Programme

Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme – what is it?

Since 1989, Poland has undergone a number of political, social and economic transformations.  Increased socio-economic cohesion and participation in globalisation processes are their significant  aspects that manifest themselves in, among others, an increased importance of international cooperation for the sake of Poland’s development processes. The Swiss-Polish Cooperation  Programme (SPCP) is a programme in the framework of which Poland and Switzerland collaborate under the auspices of the Swiss programme for the cooperation with new Member States of the European Union (EU). The aim is to reduce social and economic disparities between 12 Central-Eastern European countries and more developed EU Member States, and to stimulate socio-economic development. In the framework of this programme, authorised entities, e.g. non-governmental organisations, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions and public administration, receive subsidies for the implementation of specific projects.


For more information on the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme: https://www.programszwajcarski.gov.pl